Sunday, October 2, 2016

The importance of Social Publishing

Everyone we know is or has come across some sort of social publishing in recent years. The question is what really is social publishing? Well it is defined by Tracy Tuten and Michael Solomon in Social Media Marketing as a sites that aid in the dissemination of content to an audience. Hmmm where do we see these sites they speak of? We can find social publishing through blogs, microsharing sites, media sharing sites, social bookmarking and news sites. Almost everyone out there has stumbled over these sites looking for information. If this exposure exists it makes sense that companies are aware of this power and know that it is a great tool to advertise.

Why would a company use social publishing to promote their product?! Simple! Most consumers use a search engine to search information on a particular topic. Let's say a new runner wanted to find techniques of running; they might search articles or stories on techniques thus bringing them to a blog page from a fellow runner. Most of those blogs frequented might have advertisements attached to them including companies or brand names. Companies utilize to advertise to a specific group that would most likely buy their products. Personally if I was a company with a specific product I would follow bloggers with the same philosophy to promote on their pages. It is a win-win for both parties!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Day 14.... Past the withdrawal.

I am not sure if anybody has ever had to go through a withdrawal but, holy moly they exist.  The first week of this change in my body brought out exhaustion and anger. Why am I angry? Well your body is cleansing itself of terrible toxins that it is use to; that is my guess. I was so tired and craving that yummy white not drugs....refined sugar. The worst part is a friend had brought over a big plate of brownies that kept haunting me as I walked by. I stayed strong and finally just threw them out. I felt terrible because she didn't know but just one bite would start this journey over.

Now on day 14, I have to say I feel a lot better. The cravings are starting to subside and my energy is coming back. The best part is 3 yucky pounds have been diminished from this body, Hooray!

I know there will be attempts coming with the Valentines season approaching but I hope to fight them off with a vengeance.  T

Till than......

Thursday, January 1, 2015

 The  First day.....

Let me begin by saying I LOVE sugar, candy, cookies, Starbucks lattes, anything that is pretty bad for you. Well it hit me about a month ago that I was feeling sluggish and almost down; not to mention weight was coming back on that I have worked so hard to remove all year. Right at this same time is when the big food holidays hit offering delicious fudges, and cookies. I couldn't get enough! So as many people do around this time a year, I decided I am going to try an experiment of cutting out sugar in my diet starting on the biggest resolution day of the year; NEW YEARS.

The experiment:
This brings me to this blog experiment; for one year I am going to remove sugar from my diet as much as I possibly can. This means no desserts, creamers, limit or completely remove pastas, no refined sugar for this body.  Next is to blog for one year following the highs and lows of this experiment.

I am hoping if anything to see how it transforms my life! So now here on day 1 let the journey begin.....